Hertz Testimonial

Hertz, the world’s largest car rental brand, is rolling out hundreds of ExpressRent™ kiosks usingClairVista’s Live Expert system.   With Live Expert, Hertz customers at airport, off-airport and retail locations can instantly video chat with a remote agent for live, face-to-face customer service.  Since going live in 2010, ExpressRent kiosks have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of rental transactions – both overall and on a per kiosk basis.

Live Expert interfaces with all ExpressRent kiosk devices, allowing the remote agent to activate those devices, which also triggers an instructional animation on the kiosk screen, and provides confirmation of successful use of those devices to both customer and agent at each step of the rental process.  Live Expert also seamlessly transfers data captured by these devices to other internal systems.

Live Expert solves the barriers to providing outstanding customer service at thousands of locations – handling high fluctuations in customer traffic at each location, minimizing customer wait times without adding staff, efficiently training personnel and  maintaining high service quality, and leveraging opportunities to increase revenue per customer.  By using Live Expert, Hertz has achieve a rare trifecta– higher service levels, lower operating costs, and greater revenue per transaction.