Project Management

FaceportProject Management team serves as your ambassador, assisting you with every aspect of your project. When the project management team receives notification of a new project they will do a call to kick-off the project with the new client. The project manager will then coordinate with the assigned IT representative and your Software Architect to schedule the appropriate calls regarding network solutions and content needs; With FaceportProject Management team managing your Video Contact Management System implementation, you’ll have a clear timeline of your project from start to finish Coming up with a clear definition of the goals of your Video Contact Management network; Connecting you with an IT representative to establish your networking needs; Coordinating with your Software Architect to come up with templates and content designs that complement your brand; Assisting you with your hardware and enclosure needs; Scheduling your installation and corresponding training; Transitioning your project to our account management department; If you have questions about how our video software can fit your business needs or would like to set up a time to demo our software, please feel free to Contact Us for a Live Demo: mailto: info@faceport.nlĀ