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Faceport has an alliance with ClairVista and will be introducing ClairVista’s Live Expert system in Europe.

Industry’s Most Comprehensive and Robust platform for Video Customer Service

Live Expert has more than five years experience and a huge understanding in the capabilitiess and limitations of related technologies as well as the needs of users. LE software comes with a  variety of tools to operate these services.

Live Expert is the world’s most comprehensive and robust platform for video chat customer service.  Live Expert enhances customer experience and lowers operating costs. Live Expert is a complete solution for providing video chat services and can be used with kiosks, terminals and on websites.  Key features include live video chat, interactive content sharing & cobrowsing, as well as a full suite of contact center management capabilities.  Live Expert provides a superior customer experience with higher ROI than phone, text chat & Self Service.  Live Expert currently handles more than 80,000 sessions per month for customers like Hertz ExpressRent and Staples Canada.

Live Expert is used in 3 ways:

LE Station. Create your Live Expert at any location, any time. Examples: Live Agent Kiosk at Airport, Airline Check, Information Kiosk, Hotel Receptions, Front Desk Function. Next to a kiosk countertops can be used but also digital signage

LE Anywhere. Create Live human interaction on any website – accesible from any computer. Turn you website into a powertool to communicate with your customers and join us in the future of a high engagement Customer Service. This service is easy to use for customers, no software to download, customer can choose one-ore two way video, there are six ways to share content and LE Anywhere has a call back function. Great solution for Online sales of complex or information intensive products and services. Creates a substantial rise in conversion rates !

LE Mobility.  Coming Soon.  Personalized customer service seamlessly extends to mobile devices. (Bring your Own Device )

LE Studio

Designed to  create the best guided consultation experience for the customers. This means

a. Agent has incredible tools

b. Agent has awareness and control of the customer’s experience

c. Tools are designed for ease of use so agents can focus on customers and not on the tools themselves

LE Enterprise

The LE Entreprise server manages every aspect of Live Expert services, including video call routing, queue management, customer session management, agent profiles and activities, alerts, analytics, and reporting

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